Instaramic SiO2 Ceramic Spray

‼️ Put that wax down… you’ll thank us ‼️
🇬🇧 UK made Ceramic sealant that works 🇬🇧
⚠️ This is the ultimate final stage product ⚠️

This SiO2 Ceramic Spray coating is the ultimate alternative to the higher costing hard ceramic coating applied by professionals… and that’s coming from us! This isn’t your typical commercial off the shelf stuff…

Watch how the product is applied and how effective it is right here..

Current Competitions

Win your dream car for pocket change!

We venture into bringing you a variety of iconic cars to give your hand a chance at winning for pocket change. All cars we present will be featured in-house at ShineAuto detailing shop where we have a number of customers past and present committed to the existing services we offer.

Alongside that and our deep passion for all retro and modern classics, we are excited to join the growing market of having these great cars won via a very simple and low cost method!


Frequently Asked questions

The draw will take place once all the entries for the competition have been sold. We will announce the time & date for the live draw via our social media pages.

You can enter each competition up to a maximum of 20 times. However, this may vary between each competition so be sure to check on the exact competition page to confirm.

Once we have recieved all entries for a competition and the draw is closed, we will announce a draw date & time across our social media pages within 24 hours. During the live draw, we will use a Random Number Generator to choose a winner for the competition, we have no control over this, it is totally random to make the competition as fair as possible.

The car will need to be collected from our unit in Maidstone, Kent. Delivery can be arranged however this will need to be discussed upon winning the competition due to location/timescale etc.