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Allstar Giveaways is a new venture brought to you by ShineAuto Team! We venture into bringing you a variety of iconic cars to give your hand a chance at winning for pocket change.

All cars we present will be featured in-house at ShineAuto detailing shop where we have a number of customers past and present committed to the existing services we offer, alongside that and our deep passion for all retro and modern classics, we are excited to join the growing market of having these great cars won via a very simple and low cost method!

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or queries! Or visit our FAQs page to find out any frequently asked questions!

Learn more about ShineAuto on the ShineAuto Facebook Page!

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Who Are We?

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Current owner and operator of ShineAuto Detailing and Allstar Giveaways. Since his late teenage years until present, he’s always had a deep passion for performance classics. In his driving career he’s had sub 100 cars owned and driven, most of those being performance variants and of the Japanese variety. This has seen him benefit from driving some of the cleanest and mechanically reliable cars which will ensure that Allstar stocks the most interesting and well kept cars.

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James’ other half who has supported and operated ShineAuto on a part time basis as both a detailing operative and general helper. Karen plays her part where possible around other life duties. Her appreciation for older cars continues to go on as the cool cars roll in.

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The brains behind the graphics, marketing and web development. He offers ongoing support for Allstar through his marketing agency Moles Media. This is the guy who ensures the smooth operation and security of our website and ticket ordering. He is on hand to answer any technical queries you may have by emailing [email protected]