Auto Finesse EXTREME Bundle

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The perfect present for any well deserving car lover, containing 31 different products from the Auto Finesse range, the EXTREME bundle covers all your detailing needs from cleaning, polishing & finishing, including interior & exterior care. Get this gift for any detailing enthusiasts (or a perfect gift from a detailer to their car…) be prepared to say good bye to your weekends…don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Here at Allstar, we are detailing fanatics as well as all out petrol heads. We operate mainly from our ShineAuto detailing workshop in Maidstone, Kent… We have on board the best suppliers to offer you this extensive kit. This retails at £325! Claim this amazing prize giveaway for just £2 per entry!

The WINNER of this amazing kit will have this sent straight to their door directly from our supplier to ensure the fastest service for the recipient.

The Auto Finesse EXTREME Bundle contains:

1 x Crew Bag
1 x Essence Carnauba Wax 150g
1 x Crystal Glass Cleaner 500ml
1 x Glisten Spray Wax 500ml
1 x Hide Leather Cleanser 500ml
1 x Hide Leather Conditioner 250ml
1 x Lather Shampoo 500ml
1 x Avalanche Snow Foam 1 Litre
1 x Iron Out Contaminate Remover 500ml
1 x Ultra Glaze Paint Work 500ml
1 x Tripple 500ml
1 x Revive Trim Gel 250ml
1 x Satin Tyre Crème 500ml
1 x Clay Bar (Fine) 200g
1 x Glide Clay Lube 500ml
1 x Oblitarate Tar Remover 500ml
1 x Total Interior Cleaner 500ml
1 x Spritz Interior Detailer 500ml
1 x Citrus Power 1 Litre
1 x Mint Rims Wheel Sealant 100ml
1 x Mercury Metal Polish 100ml
1 x Finale Quick Detailer 500ml
1 x XL Wax Mate Applicator
2 x Black Duo Edge-less Buffing Cloth
1 x Aqua Deluxe Drying Towel
1 x Glass Waffle Cloth
1 x Deluxe Wash Mitt
1 x Primo Plush Cloth
1 x Aqua Coat
1 x Barrel Brush
1 x Bilberry Aroma

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