Instaramic SiO2 Ceramic Spray




‼️Put that wax down… you’ll thank us✌🏼‼️
🇬🇧 UK made Ceramic sealant that works 🇬🇧
⚠️ This is the ultimate final stage product ⚠️

Supplied and bottled by ShineAuto HQ… 😎

… and we’ve proudly named it #instaramic‼️

This SiO2 Ceramic Spray coating is the ultimate alternative to the higher costing hard ceramic coating applied by professionals… and that’s coming from us!

This isn’t your typical commercial off the shelf stuff… We offer and use this on most of our customers cars, as well as our own with mind blowing results!

What are the benefits of this…?

• Ultra hydrophobic properties
• Protects from ALL of nature’s elements
• Effectively masks light swirls
• A fraction of the cost of the pro stuff
• DIY application in an hour
• Instant cure time on application
• Long lasting – 6+ Months
• Hard Wax is now no longer a thing

Application instructions

1. Spray liberally onto cloth and apply to one small panel or section at a time.
2. Buff immediately with a fresh cloth after evenly working into the panel .
3. Apply 2 coats or more for best results and longer duration

Helpful tips:

1. DO NOT apply when paintwork is hot, ensure this is done in shade and when paintwork is cool.
2. If hazing persists during buffing, it’s been left on for a bit too long, re apply with initial soaked cloth and buff immediately
3. Be sure not to leave any overspray on panels for too long as this will require light polishing to remove